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About Adam Regester:

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Hi, I'm an illustrator based in the fabulous seaside town of Brighton. I love to draw, design, make and create .... and occasionally bake when cake is required to go with the copious amounts of tea and coffee I drink on a daily basis to keep the creative process going !

I'm very happy that after years of study and practice what was my my hobby became my full time job. I'm inspired by nature and architecture and daily life events. I enjoy experimenting with line, colour and texture. My designs feature on a broad product range from greetings cards to clocks and cushions.

I'm very excited about the future and all the ideas I have for new illustrations so watch this space.

Articles about Adam Regester on our blog:

Adam Regester – focus on bold colours, architecture and famous faces

We are pleased to introduce this extremely talented Art Wow artist, Adam Regester! We love this Brighton based illustrator's bold designs! He breaks down images to simple sketch work with bold block colour accents, making his designs light up any room. Here's what he has to say about his creative journey so far...

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s your name? Where are you based? What does a typical day look like to you?

Hi, my name's Adam Regester. I'm an artist and illustrator based in the beautiful seaside town of Brighton. My day starts around 8am when I check through all my social media and store accounts to see what my days workload looks like. I spend the first couple of hours processing orders then off to the post office followed by an essential coffee.....or two! I use my coffee break to update and add to my Instagram and Facebook accounts. After that back to working on orders until lunchtime and in the afternoon a...

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