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Tiger Lovers

Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or a work colleague, we all know someone who is obsessed with cats. But some people’s cat fascinations go further than your everyday house-cat – yes I’m talking about those big cat lovers, and in particular Tiger Lovers! Tigers are one of the most recognisable big cats due to their unique coat made of orange and black stripes, or white and black for those big snow cats.

Tigers are known for their focus and determination, but it is their stripes which set them apart from the rest of the big cat family! Although this collection does include a few of their distant cousins to really help make those Tigers stand out. However, they are one of the most endangered animals right now due to high demand for their stripes on the black market. Fortunately, Art Wow has plenty of tiger-themed gifts to show your love for these beautiful animals! Weather it’s tiger patterns you're after, or something that gives them centre stage, this collection features everything you need to show your tiger-pride!