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Martin Jessup

I live and work in South London. I\'d like to say I was born and raised in a jungle. But in fact it was Lewisham. At college I was picked out as a Pop Artist, mainly because I loved lots of colour. Orange being a particular favourite. Over the years I have incorporated my own inimitable style, wackiness meets realism. My influences would include the Banana Splits, The Monkees, throw in a smidgen of Quentin Blake together with Ralph Steadman and Bobs ya Uncle and Fannys ya Aunt...You get a genuine Jessup.
I have illustrated for childrens books, created cartoon characters AND made lots of Caricatures over the years but it doesn\'t stop here folks.
I am a Fine artist too (\'well fine\' my mates say) and paint portraits, landscapes and still lives in a realistic painterly style, I also make Pixilated paintings too. I am influenced and lucky to have met Chuck Close. An american artist who creates large scale portraits using mosaic colours of swirling shapes. I do all this in a studio I hire in Crystal Palace.
People, films and places inspire me. Dogs inspire me. Bananas really inspire me. Writing a deep bio...doesn\'t really. Have I mentioned that I like orange? Oh.
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