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Black and white designs

Is there a better colour combination than black and white?! This colour partnership is one of the most common around and it’s easy to see why. Not only do black and white complement each other beautifully by being polar opposites, but they can also be used to create bold and striking designs in a variety of styles. The two extremes of black and white brings life and drama to any room, so it’s easy to see why so many artists still use them as the basis for their artwork! Black and white designs also make great gifts, especially if you don’t know the colour pallet of someone’s home or their favourite, go-to colour. But just because there are only two main colours in use, doesn’t mean that the designs are boring or all the same. In fact, limiting your colour pallet often causes more emphasis to be placed on the design and the odd pop of colour the artist does add, ensuring that the final design is perfect. So why not shop for all things bold, dramatic and classic by looking at our black and white designs!

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